Sandwiches are my to go food for a quick gratifying meal.  A meal that satiates my hunger pangs, yet do not take so much effort. I am sure all of you have such a list of meals and recipes, which just give you that extra energy (or should I say that uncalled for)  need of food.  I always have such cravings.  Sometimes its a craving for something really spicy, sometimes its for a bitter chocolate, sometimes its for a deep fried crispy snack (cumon, don’t tell me you don’t like deep fried stuff – you must be out of your mind not to love stuff made crunchy by deep frying – name one deep fried food that doesn’t taste ooooooo soooooooo goooooooood!).

My minds deviated from the sandwiches to heaven like fried food. I am so fickle minded I tell you- at times its not funny, and I don’t even understand myself.

Ok now these sandwiches i.e, the salami sandwiches remind me of my days of working in Kalkaji. There was a very cool bakery near our office and very often while going home, when we were almost dead after a day of slogging and pitifully hungry we would stop by at this bakery.  Rajeev would take his usual Veg Patties and I would take these salami sandwiches. Believe me, there was nothing between two pieces of bread that could taste so, so good. And actually there was nothing but some slices of salami and mayo, but I don’t know what magic was in that stuff that I could have enough of it. Long years later I tried to recreate those sandwiches but could never get the same subtle sweetness, maybe it was something in the salami they used or maybe the mayo, or maybe there was a secret that only the Chef knew – but whatever it was, it was wonderfully delicious.  Even now when I go to India, and if I am towards Kalkaji, I will certainly stop by at that bakery and buy a sandwich or two just for the sake of memories. Good ol memories – that is.  Going home in the car, expectant of pathetic traffic jams, listening to some good music, chatting away to glory, sometimes laughing our guts out, sometimes fighting tearfully, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends – but always with the hope of getting home and getting some good rest.

Aaaah, food always evokes memories for me.  Maybe because my life revolves around people, smiles and food, or should I put it the other way round – but it doesn’t matter, because these three are the core elements of my life.

This is my effort to recreate those sandwiches. Fairly simple, and I added some veggies for crunch and health. I am getting old you see, cant afford to live only on salami and mayo.


salami sandwiches

Serves – just me.

Making time – 5 minutes in all

Ingredients –
4 bread slices
2 tspn mayonnaise
a big pinch caster sugar
a big pinch black pepper powder
a bing pinch oregano
a bing pinch dry basil
4 slices salami chopped into thin slices
1/4 pc carrot grated using the big grater
1/4 pc cucumber grated using the big grater (squeeze out as much water as you can)

Just mix in all the ingredients starting from the mayo to the cucumber and slather it generously on the bread.


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