It was so impulsive on my part that it isint funny how I ended up doing this.

I was hoping Viha would just eat an egg instead of asking for pancakes every morning.  But will she even say yes, without me hurling a thousand explanations of how good an egg is for breakfast.  I really didnt want to do this, not today on this beautiful morning.

There was a pot of quinoa which I had just boiled sitting on the counter and on an impulse I grabbed the quinoa with a thousand doubts in my mind, but still willing to give it a go.  What will happen – I will need to make another batch of batter. No problem. I will still try it, and I am glad I did.

What came out was fluffy pancakes with a great texture, two of which were gobbled down happily and a content mother’s heart on cheating her child, yet again, into eating something that she wanted to.

I got 3 pancakes.

Here is the recipe –

quinoa pancakes


3 tbspn – wheat flour

2 tbspn – boiled quinoa

1/2 tbspn – butter

1 tspn – sugar

1/4 cup – milk

1/4 tspn – baking powder


I just added everything except the baking powder together.  A gentle lumpy mix and mixed enough water to make it into a thick batter

Then added the baking powder and gave a stir.

Made pancakes on a skillet and served with maple syrup (a little extra as I didnt have any fruits to go with them!)


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