Every year, like a normal Indian living abroad, we endeavour to visit our homes for many reasons.  Those like me, who belong to the place I live, and have commendable adaptability to new surroundings rarely want to do so, because honestly we have moved on physically, though maybe not from the soul. So this year … Continue reading


So finally I get to sit and eat at the most happening Burger joint in Dar. I love burgers. Its my favourite fast food, and what could be more enticing for a hardcore burger fan that the patty was grilled and not fried. Honestly, that one thing that pulled me towards this joint, and as … Continue reading


So after passing by his quaint looking restaurant daily, yesterday me and my friend decided to give it a try. It is indeed quaint with limited seating, and during the day outside it was quite sunny.  A peep inside to see if I could sit in the airconditioning, gave me the understanding that there was … Continue reading


She was already seated there before I reached, and I rushed in to meet her feeling guilty for making someone wait for me.  She greeted me with the most gentle smile and the most beautiful eyes I have seen in a while.  She surely is beautiful I thought, and told her so at which she … Continue reading
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