Red Milk – the name sounds interesting, right?? The recipe is interesting too…and it is a very healthy one at that, tastes good, looks good, doesnt need too many ingredients and too much of mehnat (efforts)- which is the best part. Again a gainful inheritance from my MIL, which adds variety to my morning breakfasts, and it is a wholesome breakfast too, when served with toasted bread. And when it comes to kids, I guess they will be attracted to the colour & it is a nice way to get in some Vitamin-A into their systems.
The hot sweet milk is quite a delight during cold winter days, when all you want to do is cuddle up in the rajai (blanket) with something (& someone!!) hot, n picking the gaajar with the spoon keeps you occupied for a much longer time than plain milk would. It can also be substituted when you just want to have a very light meal.

The following recipe is for about 2 people i.e., me & my husband.

Ing –
5 carrots / gaajar – (I dont know how this would turn out with the orange ones, we always
use the red ones avialable in Delhi during winters)
Milk – about 3 glasses.
1 tsp – of oil
Sugar – as per sweetness liked
4/5 pods of cardamom – crushed
You can add any amount of dryfruits you would like to, or leave out all of it.

Method –
Scrape & grate the gaajar
In a kadai, add a little oil and add the grated gajar. Saute for about 4/5 minutes, just enough for the carrots to be tender.
Now add the milk, crushed cardamom and sugar.
Allow it to boil, and the reduce the heat, let it simmer & cook till a thick milk.
Garnish with the dry fruits if you wish to.

Serve in individual bowls or glasses with a spoon.

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2 Responses to RED MILK

  1. Jyothsna

    Like a carrot kheer huh? I’ll wait for the red carrots to arrive here, that may be in December!

  2. Shella

    Yes Jyotsna, very much. You could even call it Carrot Kheer, but the Red Milk might keep one wondering what it could be, n the result wont be that disappointing either. I always ask for Red Milk from my MIL.

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