I have loved hummus ever since I have had the first taste of it. Creamy nutty very healthy and versatile. The first time I made my own hummus I found that it tasted much better than the restaurant one, and I could adjust it to my own tastes as well. I never looked back after that. I have on various occassions tried different varieties of hummus – roasted beet hummus, basil hummus, corriander hummus, mint hummus and rose mary hummus. I am yet to try making a hummus with any other bean than chickpeas and I believe it will certainly be equally delectable.

Here’s my one favourite version of rosemary hummus –

Time taken – soaking chickpeas 6-8 hours

Cooking them – 15 minutes in a pressure cooker / 40-45 minutes in a pan


2 cups good quality chickpeas (soak them overnight)

1 tbspn roasted cumin powder

2 tbspn lime juice

3 – 4 tbspn rosemary leaves

1 tspn garlic

4 tbspn roasted sesamme seeds

salt as per taste

green chillies 2-3 (optional)

olive oil 1/4 cup + 1 tbspn for garnish

paprika 1 tspn


Boil the chickpeas till tender but not mushy with salt

Strain out the water but dont discard it.

Add all the ingredients and grind it to a smooth paste adding enough chickpea water as required.

A lot of people say you should not add water, but after many trial and errors I have started using the leftover water in which chickpeas are boiled and it works best and enables me to control the amount of olive oil used to grind the hummus.

Serve with warm pita and chopped vegetables, or just on a toasted bread, or as a dip with some nachos – all works well.

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