What’s Christmas without Rum?

What’s Christmas without Raisins?

What’s Christmas without Cookies?

So here I am combining all three and making Rum and Raisin Cookies!

Lately thoughts just muddle my mind.  I want to write down the very moment a thought crosses my mind.  Maybe its something that bothers me, maybe its something that touched my soul, maybe its something that makes me smile…..but by the time I sit down with the keyboard I hardly have anything in my mind.

As the day ends, I feel a certain blankness envelope me.  A blankness that is inexplicable.  What did I do with life today? With Viha gone to school for the better part of the day, there’s a uselessness that has started gathering around my days.  Its not that I live only for her, but yes, as a child she certainly demanded good time, and which is worthwhile.  And it is not even that the rest of the house doesnt need my intervention, it does, all of it does.  There are a thousand things to be taken care of – groceries, laundry, bills, coffees, friends…… but still, what is this feeling?

I know I can use that time fruitfully to catch up on my writing, which I seldom do now, but believe me when I say to write something you need to be in a certain mood, a certain setup.  I look at the quiet seas, and often wonder how much I could write if I were given quiet uninterrupted peace, but it never happens.  I look at the stars and sit there wondering a thousand wonders, and wish I had a pen and paper and some light to write my heart away, but all I do is sit and stare into the sky, letting those thoughts pass by.

People ask me “Shella, have you finished writing your book?”, and I all I can say is “No”.

The hopes that I had with that book, and the many more I wished to write all seem to be dilly-dallying somewhere in my existence, all seem covered up with the mundane necessities of life.

As the year ends, I regretfully look back at all that I could have accomplished. .All the empty pages of the book…….

As the New Year is about to begin I dont want it to be the same again in terms of the fruitfulness that I wish from myself.  I wish to bring out all that rubs itself past my heart, put it through my fingers and onto paper  I dont want to waste a thought, I dont want to waste a smile that touched my lips and a tear that trickled down my cheek.

Next year, round about Christmas time, I want to write about how happy I am about the way the book has turned up, and how content my heart it beginning the second one, the one which is more closer to my heart – “Chains of the heart”.

I will let you all enjoy the rum and raisin cookies while I move on with my pen and paper somewhere beneath the stars, with the gurgling of waves and the moist sea breeze brushing my hair, and the wet sand collected at my feet.


Time taken  – 45 minutes

Makes – 15-16


1.5 cup flour

1/2 cup butter

1 big egg

1/2 tspn baking powder

a big pinch baking soda

1 cup brown sugar

1 tbspn rum

1/4 cup dark raisins

4-5 cherries chopped finey

a big pinch cinnamon powder (for that christmasy oomph!)


Beat the egg sugar and butter together.

Seive in the flour, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon into this wet mix

Add the rum and raisins and cherry and bring together as a dough, using a little milk if the mix is too dry.

Keep in the fridge till you preheat the oven to 160deg C, and then on a cookie tray spread a butter paper and spread the balls of dough.

Bake for about 15 minutes and allow to cool completely before storing.

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