When you are serving friends you need to really come up with some fancy ideas from time to time.

This recipe is something I had never seen or heard or tasted before.  I just kind of put it together in the last moment with whatever I had in the pantry.  But then it really came out well.

You could fix something like this up with almost anything you have at home, just be creative!

What’s best you can do this offhand within 10 – 15 minutes and you could try so many variations – olives, jalapenos, capers, salami, sausages, eggplant………


salted crackers

salted crackers1


Time taken – 15 minutes


Some good quality salted crackers

a handful of blackberries

a slice of yellow and red bell peppers chopped fine

few sprigs of parsley

For the dressing

a few tbspn of yoghurt

1 tbspn of cream cheese or cheese spread

a pinch of salt and sugar each

a pinch of crushed dried basil

a pinch of black pepper


Lay the crackers on the serving board

Sprinkle the bell peppers

Put one blackberry on top

Mix the ingredients of the spread and spread on the topping

garnish with a sprig of parsley

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