Tired of making the same old palak-paneer, I wanted to do something different with the palak….something I thought would retain the creamy texture of mashed palak & yet add a zing to the dish. Strage are we sometimes – right?? There are times when we yearn for the comfort of the “known”, & yet there are times when we are struggling to come out of the “known” i.e., the routine etc. etc. Strange is this being called “human”…..well coming back to my palak…this is what I finally did with it.

Ing –
1/2 kg – spinach / palak washed chopped & microwaved for 8 mins (stirring once in between)
1/2 cup – peas (boiled)
1 onion
2 tomatoes
3/4 garlic flakes
1/2 pc ginger
50 gms – khoya
2 tbspn – cream
1 tspn – garam masala
3/4 green chillies
2 tspn – corriander / dhaniya powder
1/4 tsp – sugar

Method –
Grind the onions & tomatoes along with ginger & garlic into a smooth paste
In a pan add some oil & when hot fry the paste adding a little salt till the oil separates.
Now add the garam masala, corriander powder – fry well
Grate the khoya & add into the pan & mix well
Add the cream too & mix well.
Coarsely grid the spinach with the chillies (before griding remove any excess water)
You can use that water as a stock for anything else
Add this paste into the already cooked masala
Add the sugar & the peas
Mix well & let cook for another 5 minutes

The dish was excellent & I will surely make it more often. If you cant find khoya you may substitute it with 2 tbspn of cream or finely grated paneer.

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  1. Nags

    that’s a nice variation 🙂

  2. Aparna

    This should taste good with chappathis.

  3. Asha

    That is delcious, greens are always good for us!:))

  4. Shella

    Nags – yes it was. try it once.

    Aparna – it sure does, but i like it with rice too.

    Asha – thanks. yes they are.

  5. Superchef

    i have a bunch of palak too and i dont wanna make palak paneer, i made dal palak yest..mayb will try this one also..

  6. Happy cook

    Never had this combo but sounds intresting

  7. meeso

    This sounds very good! I love spinach and all of these flavors 🙂

  8. Sagari

    nice combo shella ,have to try for sure

  9. Cynthia

    Nice! Thick and creamy.

  10. Kate / Kajal

    i love methi matar malai and palak paneer but this is a gr8 variation. I know my mother in law would be pleased with this dish. Yum with some hot hot parathas !

  11. Dhivya

    nice recipe…pic looks yummy and delicious..will surely try

  12. Homecooked

    This seems to be a good palak recipe without adding any paneer.Will surely try this.

  13. bhags

    a nice variation for an everyday palak recipe…got a bunch of it and am gonna make it this time…:)

    The tea bread looks yum

  14. Sahefa

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and let me tell me tell you that your blog is wonderful and yummy 🙂

  15. Mansi Desai

    that looks healthy and delicious Shella:)

  16. Seena

    I like this curry!
    With a med thick consistency, love the dal preparation too..

  17. amisha

    very nice, will try it tomorrow…thnx 4 sharing..

  18. Nishant

    It was awesome thanks 🙂

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