Soul Sister

I have never met her physically, but she’s been right next to me …. I have never heard her voice, but she’s always spoken words of wisdom to me, she listens without questions, she holds my hand and lifts me up, we smile without sharing a joke and we cry for each other. How weird is this? Who is she?….she is my soul sister – Charity.

We met online some years back when we both were struggling with not having a baby, and we connected immediately. I bore Viha more than 4 y…ears ago and she made peace with the will of God, but she is as joyous about Viha as I am, and I feel blessed that I didn’t have to loose her.

One day I see on FB that Charity has gone into Coma owing to some medical issues. My heart sinks. It can’t be possible…..she’s so young, she’s a great girl, she cant go……and in a selfish moment – what will I do??

I struggle to get information about her health and keep prayers up.

In those 2 days while waiting for news on her recovery I was forced to think about human relationships….. how invalid physical presence is to connect to someone miles away. Touch or sound maybe important, but not imperative …. its not that we can’t call each other but we’ve never felt that need to do so. Why?? Maybe because our mails or messages were sufficient to help that bond to sustain and grow. I don’t know about her but for me she is the first person outside my immediate family who I reach out to. She’s never complained if I reach only when I need her and I am thankful for that. I know I would have complained!!! (Head hung in shame!!!)

Charity is fit and back on the track now. Thank God for that!!! May she have a healthy and long life and continue to bless people around her, and those God sends her way. I know I am one of them.

Having said that, have come to the conclusion that not all relationships thrive on physical connect. ….there is more beyond touch and feel and voice and hear !!

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  1. Charity

    You are a beautiful writer, as well as a friend! I love you! Keep up the good work!

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