Winter season is seen with the vegetable vendors “thela” (cart) loaded with a variety of greens!! I mean, just looking at the cart loaded so beautifully makes you wanna buy something or the other, even if your refigerator is loaded. My friends always wonder n are amazed at my love for the subzi market (veggie market). The shine in my eyes is something that they cant connect with, n just walking past or driving past one makes me wanna stop n maybe just walk around the whole place, n of course pick up the freshest of produce that mother Earth has given us in full!!! I dont know how many of you agree with me, or have such feelings – but I surely do, n honestly I love that feeling!!

Spring onions are one such greens that the market is so very flooded with these days, n here is my all time fav recipe for this simple but excellent veggie.

Ing –
1/2 kg – spring onions
4 potatoes
1/4 tspn – jeera
1/4 tspn – turmeric powder
3 green chillies
a pinch of hing
1/2 tspn – amchur powder / dried mango powder (pls use this only if you like your dish to be chatpata)
1/2 tspn – garam masala
salt as per taste

Method –
Chop off the roots of the spring onions & chop finely the leaves n the onions.
Scrape n dice the potatoes into small cubes
Wash both of them together
In a kadai / pan, heat some oil
Add the jeera n hing
When they are turning brown, add the turmeric & green chillies.
Quickly add the washed veggies before the masala burns
Add salt.
Close lid & let cook on low flame
Keep stirring in between till both the potatoes n the leaves are cooked.
Sprinkle amchur powder & garam masala & check salt.

Serve with chappatis.

This is a very simple recipe but is very much liked by me and my hubby. So I am hoping that you will like it too.

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  1. meeso

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I also have a shelf full of recipes that I want to try…they are collected from everywhere and there are TONS! I’m gonna have a look around your blog now 🙂

  2. Richa

    me too love the subzi mrkt 🙂
    spring onions definitely adds such a lovely flavor, yum.

  3. Prema Sundar

    spring onions and potatoes … sounds interesting. simple but neat recipe. thanks

  4. Siri

    Thats a very nice combo..:)

    ~ Siri

  5. Shella

    Kalva – hey dear thanks so much. I now know what this looks like. Thank you sooooo much for taking the trouble, that was very sweet of you.

    Meeso – thanks for dropping by. Pls do drop by often.

    Richa – I am really glad to hear that. Spring onions are really good.

    Prema Sundar – pls do try it. YOu wont be disappointed for sure.

    Siri – very lovely.

  6. Nags

    i love the flavor of spring onions. i am sure they taste good with potatoes.

  7. Rachel

    That is a combo I have never had..looks healthy though!


    Thats very new to me..Nice idea :))

  9. Jayashree

    i so totally understand what you mean when u say you just love walking around the vegetable market. I too love fresh vegetable markets.

  10. Shella

    Nags – they taste yumm with potatoes

    Rachel – if you havent had it, try it soon.

    RAKS – yeah, try n see how it tastes. I absolutely love it.

    Jayshree – thanks….I guess its not me alone

  11. Shantanu

    I love this dish; easily one of my favorites! 🙂

  12. bird's eye view

    I love the veggie markets in winter too – in fact, I have dedicated a whole blog to the topic. Particularly in Delhi, the bounty of nature is especially rich, no? This sounds like an interesting veggie – I have always used spring onions either raw in salads or in oriental cooking, never with aloo. Will try. Love the pictures on your blog.

  13. Carnation

    sounds interesting…have to try it out…

  14. arjun jain

    hey, simple is always good, great sabji.. 🙂

  15. Fallen Angel

    This is awesome, i havent eaten iyaz kali in years and was looking desperately for a recipe, will cook it soon, any substitute for hing/ amchur?

  16. Shella

    Fallen Angel – thanks for dropping by. You can omit both the things. You can add a dash of lemon if you want a tangy taste i/o of the amchur.

  17. Magic Mike

    Hello there…I saw your blog and I found your Spring Onion ki Sabji very interesting 🙂 and in return, I would like to share my Spring Onion ki sabji recipe with you, hope you like it!!!

    1 kg spring onion cleaned, washed and cut into small pieces
    1/2 kg potatoes peeled and cut in smaller pieces
    2 medium sized onion finely sliced
    3 to 4 ripe tomato cut into quarters
    2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
    dill a handful cleaned and finely chopped
    1 teaspoon red chili powder
    1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
    salt according to taste
    oil as required

    Take a deep cooking pot, add oil and fry the finely sliced onions till they are golden in color, then add ginger garlic paste and fry for a couple of minutes, then add the tomatoes, chili powder and turmeric powder and cook, till the tomatoes softens, add potatoes and cook till its half done, then add the spring onions, salt and a handful of dill, cover and simmer till its done, Remember this dish is in dry form, if you like gravy, then you can add a little water.
    Serve with roti’s or chapati…

  18. Anonymous

    Really simply and quick and yummmmyyyy. thank u so much..my husband love’s it.

  19. Anonymous

    just stopping by to say hello

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