Once in a while when there’s left over stuff you can make this snack, which tastes great


6 pieces Dinner Rolls(not sweet ones)
1 no. Cucumber(chopped)
1 no. Onion(chopped)
¾ cup Cabbage(shredded)
5 nos. Potato(boiled)
Tomato Sauce to taste
Chili Sauce (green) to taste
Cheese to taste(cheddar, grated)


Scoop the buns, be careful not to break the base / outer crust. Apply butter.
Mash the potatoes with a little salt & black pepper . Put in a spoonful of this mixture into the cavity of the bun & spread it using the back of a spoon.
Make a layer of cabbage and cucumber and chopped onion.
Sprinkle salt and pepper.
Cover with grated cheese. You can sprinke Pizza masala (dried oregano, basil, chilli flakes) to add that extra zing

Bake in pre-heated oven at 100 degree for 15-20 minutes. Serve with both sauces.

When you take it out the cheese is all melted & smelling good

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