The heart…..




The heart……

So quiet, so humble, yet so important


Such a small organ in our body, yet so vital, so powerful.

Tirelessly doing its job of beating every second, without failing

But do we think about it as often as we should

Do we give it the importance as we should

We let emotions run wild

We let woes throttle it left right and center

We allow pain to seep in unwarranted

We use it, and we abuse it

Still it beats, unceasingly

Till the time it can beat no more.


Take care of your heart

People will hurt you

For as long as you live

It is just a part of life, and who you are

If you are good they don’t like your goodness

If you are bad they don’t agree to your roughness

If you are strong they say you don’t care

If you are weak they trample you there

Look away and turn around

People are people – they can never be pleased

You be free, do not be bound

Love and live free

Humble is the heart, and so you be

Wrath returned with wrath doesn’t set you free

But humility can let you be

Happy and content within this sea


Don’t carry in your heart the weight of the world

Its small and its loving

Love it back, allow it to breathe

Don’t strangle it with needless hurdles

Don’t squeeze it trying to perfect things

Accommodate, let go

Love it, so that it loves you long enough

till one day it ceases to beat

and you can sleep a sleep so sweet

that it can also sleep in peace

and prepare for the Lord to meet


The heart……

So quiet, so humble – yet so important

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