The India Pakistan Friendship

So what happens when an Indian meets a Pakistani?? Everything is okay till you ask “where do you belong to?”. Reply “Pakistan – and you”. “India” comes a firm proud reply. Hmmmm, no wonder, as if you could sense an underlying currant. There’s a scorn and smirk on both sides, there could be raised eyebrows, and squeezed eyes included in facial expressions too, and what could have been a good conversation turns kinda bitter. Why?? Just because he or she is a Paki and you …are an Indian? But what difference does it make?
Maybe if you didn’t know it at all, maybe if you didn’t bother to ask, you could have ended up as good friends. Or like in P.K. there could be love sparks, untill the country of origin is exposed!!
Don’t you find it strange – I do.
I mean two countries that were part of one, split years and years ago. Its okay. I accept it. But why is this animosity imbibed in our children from birth?? It isint fair? Think about it. Are we as people of the respective countries so blind in the malicious politics that we tend to have it deep rooted within ourselves and generations to come – that we are enemies?
An India Pakistan cricket match is not a match – its war!! Right from political leaders, to television shops showcasing the match……its a battle that is waged. Its nothing to do with patriotism…….its a blind mindset.
Change it people.
Look ahead. Let not vile political agenda pull a hazy curtain before your eyes and lead you to forget this umbrage is man-made……God has nothing to do with it.
I don’t know too many Paki people, but I do have one very vivacious beautiful friend from Pakistan. One of the most firm headed, wonderful women I have ever met – Areej. I would be distraught if I let political antipathy come in the way I look at her, and miss the awesome carrot cake she baked for us on Diwali.

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