She was already seated there before I reached, and I rushed in to meet her feeling guilty for making someone wait for me.  She greeted me with the most gentle smile and the most beautiful eyes I have seen in a while.  She surely is beautiful I thought, and told her so at which she told me that she had been a model once.  My mouth fell short of falling open, as my mind raced to wonder how someone so pretty and a successful model once is lying so low in a city like Dar es salaam.

Sometimes we come across someone in our walk of life who touch us deep down inside, in that spot where there have been fewer entries and they hit you in a way that you have not been hit before.

I too came across someone who touched my life, and maybe after today I will never look at my problems in the way I used to see them.

As we sat discussing what we had met there for, she revealed to me something that I really did not think possible.  She told me she’s suffering from domestic violence, and she told me incidences that made me shiver.  Listening to her I just couldnt stop my tears, and there I was sitting in a cafe with tears running down my cheeks, unable to to control all that I felt at that moment – I was in awe of this beautiful woman sitting in front of me, who could have been in a very powerful position with her beauty, with her finances and with her brains and talent – but she chose to submit to her husband for the only reason that she loved him, and had chosen him to be her husband.

I was angry, and upset, and sad – all at the same time, because I felt she did nothing to deserve a life that she’s living all because of a wrong choice.   But she responded that it was her cross, and she chose to bear it.

I told her this was no reason for her to suffer, but she said that she wanted to not because she likes it, but because she has faith that he will change and appreciate her one day, and that she believes in God and his judgement.

Though I left the place still feeling she need not do what she is doing, but I respected her decision.  I left leaving that I will keep her in my prayers and I am in touch with her, reassuring her that if she ever needed help she could reach out to me anytime.

That day I felt, love is not about what you ought to do, but it is what you decide to do.  I cant say if what she’s doing is right or wrong – but I know that it is what she’s decided to do for the love that she chose against all odds long years back.

I realized that love is not about power and dominion – but it is about humility and submission.

I realized that love was not about a beautiful face and body – but it was about a beautiful heart and soul.

I realized that love was not about what you can take – but it was about what you can give.

I realized that the next time I get irritated about something that Rajeev does, I know it could be much more worse than petty disagreements.

This lady will forever remain etched in my heart.


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