The Rains Begin

Finally its raining in Dar. I have been vehemently waiting for these showers since it was really getting pretty hot. I mean you couldn’t do anything without douching yourself in sweat!!
Since its started raining, almost all mornings, I mean very early mornings I wake up to this immense strong buzzing of the rain. Its kind of a single bzzzzzzzz in continuity…no break. I want to pull the quilt but there’s a strong, almost cryptic craving to take a peek into the desolated …streets of Dar from my window.
So I would walk upto the window and open the one that has no net, and the bzzzzzzz gets harder and the intensity of the rain dawns on me. Its almost 5 am in the morning, and everything outside is covered in a kind of supernatural mist. You cant make out the rain, its only the murmur that gives it away, or you would just think its mist!!
I am fully awake pronto, as the spray hits my face, along with the chilled ocean wind. Its an experience ineffable.
I can see hazy lights in the appartments where people are already awake and getting ready for their morning schedules. There are schools to attend and offices to reach. The rain tries to deter them but in vain.
What is most beautiful at that time is, somewhere above the sea where I can see those foggy lights of the ships waiting, waiting for what would seem like eternity, I can see traces of a struggle……. a roughhouse between the sun and the clouds – where the sun is hankering to do what it is meant to – give light to the world. Its kind of a metallic steely shade towards the horizon instead of the pitch dark night sky.
I exhale…..its a wondrous sight and I get goose bumps. I feel so close to God, its as if he’s right next to me by the window, feeling exactly the way I feel now.
I look around and see that I still have time before the alarm chimes and I am up and about, running into the day. I know that in another hour or so the sun will have won the fight and even if does not pierce through the clouds, it will have its luminescence filling this part of the planet. Similarly, I know that we all will win our battles one day, but only if we don’t give up and fight steady like the sun.
I close the window, shutting down the shower, and bring down the fan speed. Into my bed, pulling up the quilt and snuggling up close. Before I close my eyes, thank God for my family and the good things in life, and yes of course a few more minutes of precious sleep, and before I know I am pulled into the warm embrace of slumber, until its time for yet another day to begin.

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