What’s the world fighting for?

What is it that the world fights for. …

Sundown in the city brings together the fragrance of incense sticks from a nearby temple mingling with the heady smell of barbecue chicken n other meat grilling for the iftaar feast.

The chanting of evening prayers from the temple coming at the same time as the choir singing in a close by church and also the call for prayer from a mosque. If you just close your eyes those sounds will all sound like one big orchestra.

God created man and man created Religion. He created boundaries – strangely not only on land but also in the air and sea. Do the fishes know them, so not to swim across boundaries or the birds in the sky who fly wherever their wings take them.

I wonder aloud whose God taught you to kill mercilessly? I wonder aloud whose God taught little boys to pick up guns? I wonder aloud whose God gave direction to rape young girls and directed young girls to serve terrorist men?

I wonder aloud if its your God asking you to do all this and more, or are you doing so to boost your own selfishness, egos and malicious intentions?

If all religions teach to love selflessly then where did you get this selfish nature from?? From yourselves – isint it?? You nurtured it and sowed it in the hearts of everyone, because everyone is weak and illogical.

Why is man so blind? Why is he so greedy? Why is he so heartless? When he knows that one day it will be just him and his creator.

Will those eyes that guiltlessly saw blood of children be able to look into His eyes? Will those hands that pulled the trigger without remorse be able to touch Him?

Wake up man…..shake yourselves into your senses. ……….the end is just round the corner and you won’t have another chance.

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