Who do I Trust??

I am not the kinds to watch TV serials enactments of real life crime….no its really not my kinda entertainment.

So there I was in the sitting room trying to finish something off, while my mum watching one such show. I was unwillingly captivated on this episode of a 2 year old kid missing from his apartment. The drama ended in the knowledge that he was kidnapped by a neighbour in whose house he played for hours. For what – only to be sacrificed at the alter of selfish desi…re for a son for themselves, by the hands of a satanic black magician.

I went into a stupor. The very reason why I hate watching such shows – it throws reality right at our faces!!

I just come back to my childs bed and heave a sigh of relief watching her snug in bed. Only for that extra reassurance I hug her tight and kiss her forehead, cursing myself for being upset with her for something petty, promising myself to be more im control of myself.

Who can I trust?? How can I gauge malicious intentions of people who are all around me?? If I dont trust none then how do I survive?? People call me finicky and irrationally cautious…and yes I am.

I make a request to all parents to keep their child their first priority in life, to take that extra caution, to make extra efforts and be there in the car while your kid is being picked or dropped. I urge mothers as always to let the decision of having a child not be diluted by your career ambitions. You will still get time to do that, waiting only till they are independent enough to be careful.

Most importantly trust your own instincts as parents and trust God.

Tonight just hug them a little tighter and just make a vow to let them be themselves and not what you want them to be. Tonight just thank God for these wonderful gifts sleeping tightly in their beds hugging their dolls and looking like a world of innocence. There are more couples in this world who would do anything to hold a child in their arms than you can even think of. Don’t take your babies for granted, there are many in this world who cry tears of blood for just one of their own!!!

My heart still winces at the pain of the parents who lost their baby……

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