I recently had the privilege of visiting Woodberry’s cafe with a group of ladies for a lovely friend’s Birthday.

As always Woodberry provides the green aura that I so love. The atmosphere that it provides is totally  beautiful with the settings outside and lot of space for kids to run around and play.

My pick of the Banana Avo smoothie was good, it was refreshing.  I did not taste the Strawberry Smoothie, though I am assuming it must be good, coz the ladies like it, and they were ooh aah-ing over it !

The mini quiches had a rich flaky crust and though I thought there it could have really used a bit more filling, I found them quite well made.

Chicken Skewers were well seasoned and grilled to tender perfection.

Avo toasts lacked seasoning, but they were not soggy and were certainly freshly made

The quesadillas were stuffed perfectly  with cheese  – just the right amount of cheese and the portions were huge

A cupfull of sweet potato crisps were oh so good.  I really am a fan of sweet potatoes and particularly crisps, though I prefer baked ones anyday, but really didnt mind the fried ones as well.

I can really never get enough of Woodberry’s red velvet cupcakes, though I detest the fact that they do not do a creamcheese frosting, but still the cakes are so velvety and moist that whenever I passby there I have to absolutely have one, and even on that day they were as good as ever.

The granola parfait was good and healthy  with no added sugar, the sweetness coming from the granola and fruits and tang from the yoghurt.

All in all, Woodberry’s is a great place to have a good cup of coffee and lots of conversation with your friends.  It is also the kind of place where you can just be quiet and relaxed.

Though I wouldnt rave about the food there, the bakery stuff is certainly worthwhile and good quality value for money.

Certainly my kind of place to kill time while on my way to school pickup.

Sorry  – no photos to share since there was lots of conversation and passing around of food, I forgot to click.

Happy birthday Sarita once again!

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