Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Crushed Red Pepper (2lbs) (2 unit of 1lbs each) – Non GMO and Gluten Free | Adds Taste and Flavor [Packaging may Vary]

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Brand: Naturevibe Botanicals

Package Dimensions: 74x292x975


►Crushed Red Peppers can be traced back to Central and South America. They have been cultivated for more than seven thousand years. It was not until the 15th century that red peppers were introduced to the rest of the world. In traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, a traditional form of Indian medicine.

► Now a days Double Cut Crushed Red Pepper is a unique and flavorful must have for any kitchen from home use to fine restaurant. Crushed red pepper is one of the commonly used spices that can make bland food appealing and add kick to any dish.

►The bright, orange-red color of crushed red pepper isn’t just for show. sprinkling crushed red pepper – or red pepper flakes – on top of your morning omelet gets your heart racing.

►Red pepper flakes contain vitamin C.

►Crushed red pepper may do something entirely expected: make you sweat, which may cause you to drink water to quench your thirst. Staying hydrated is essential to good health, too.

►Shake it on, blend it in and Add extremely fresh and strong flavor to pizza, pickles, chowders, gumbos, taccos, spaghetti, sausages, curried dishes, caseroles, barbecued beef, port or chicken, omelets, beans, seafood, cumbos and where spicy-hot food is desired.