Genius Protein Powder – Natural Whole Food Egg White & Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate

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Brand: The Genius Brand


  • PREMIUM WHEY & EGG PROTEIN POWDER – Genius Protein is a dual-blend combination of whey isolate protein powder and egg white protein powder. Offering a natural, no-nonsense pairing of fast and slow digesting protein in one great muscle builder for men and women, our formula is an excellent weight gainer launchpad to start your path to bulking up.
  • ATHLETE-GRADE PROTEIN FOR MUSCLE GROWTH & RECOVERY – Nothing speaks to quality quite like combining whey protein powder with egg white isolate at Genius Brand quantities. Your will never look at your protein drinks the same way once you’re making pure protein shakes with our blend. Ready to get serious about your muscle building? This is your all-natural, pure protein powder for weight gain, lean mass, and muscle recovery.
  • NATURAL & FLEXIBLE PROTEIN SHAKE POWDER – We all want a post workout recovery drink that’s got all the good with no extra junk hidden inside. Ours is a protein powder without artificial sweeteners that takes dosages as seriously as you take your workouts. Genius Protein can support you morning, noon, or night on its own as a general workout supplement for men and women, sports nutrition protein for athletes, or just as extra protein for your meal replacement shakes.
  • ENJOY DELICIOUS FLAVORS GUILT-FREE – We offer the same great low fat, low sugar product in both vanilla protein powder form and chocolate protein powder form to make bulking up tastier than ever. Whether it’s an awesome vanilla whey protein powder you’ve been searching for, or an egg protein powder chocolate lovers can enjoy, Genius Protein’s dual protein blend has you covered for your favorite classic flavors and lean protein powder needs.
  • GENIUS QUALITY & TRANSPARENCY – Genius Protein is made in the USA with a sincere dedication to excellent ingredient quality and label transparency. Enjoy this egg white and whey protein isolate powder in confidence as you pursue greater gains to develop your ideal physique. Men and womens protein powder just got a Genius upgrade.

Package Dimensions: 126x214x839

Details: Genius Protein Egg White & Whey Blend *FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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