KOS Hot Chocolate Mix – Cinnamon Cocoa Flavored Mushroom Hot Chocolate – Dairy and Sugar Free, Vegan

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Brand: KOS

Color: Rich brown


  • Amazing Taste: Start or end your day with this healthy vegan hot chocolate mushroom blend. This chocoshroom mix will blow your taste buds away with its delicious cinnamon cocoa flavor and smooth, creamy texture. Perfect keto dessert.
  • Stronger Immune Defenses: Proactively strengthen your immune system with the aid of this antioxidant-packed blend. This hot chocolate cacao powder also contains mucuna pruriens, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps that may help boost your immunity.
  • Tasty, Healthy Energy: This mushroom cacao mix is infused with organic coconut milk, which is naturally rich in MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) that are readily used by the body as fuel. Try putting some in your coffee, smoothies, or shakes!
  • Maintain Weight: Low in fat, carbs, and sugar, this hot chocolate mix with mushroom powder is perfect for diets and fitness enthusiasts who are trying to maintain a lean physique without sacrificing delicious taste. This is a guilt-free treat!
  • Free Yourself From Stress: Nothing soothes the soul quite like a cup of hot cocoa. For even more stress relief, we added adaptogen mushrooms, which can help promote a positive mood, reduce anxiety, and encourage deep relaxation.

Package Dimensions: 93x115x313

Details: LOOKING FOR A DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS WAY TO TURBOCHARGE YOUR DAY? Enjoying a hot cup of cocoa is perfect for starting your day or relaxing your senses right before bedtime. Sadly, most cocoa power mixes available today are just loaded with too much sugar that your body does not need. If you are looking for a great-tasting cocoa mix that is infused with health-boosting extracts and energy-giving mushrooms, this hot chocolate drink blend is the perfect solution.

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