Naked Pea – Vanilla Pea Protein – Pea Protein Isolate from North American Farms

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Brand: NAKED nutrition


  • ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS: Yellow Pea Protein, Vanilla and Organic Coconut Sugar. Naked Pea contains no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or colors and is GMO-Free, Soy Free and Gluten-Free.
  • VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN PROTEIN: Pea protein that is dairy Free and made solely from raw yellow peas grown on environmentally friendly farms in both the USA and Canada.
  • MAXIMUM NUTRITION: 25g of Protein, 5g of Sugar, 8g of Carbs, 140 Calories, and 5.6g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) per serving.
  • PROTEIN SHAKES AND RECIPES: Create vanilla pea protein shakes, smoothies and healthy green drinks. Provide your body with the daily protein it needs by adding Less Naked Pea to tea, sauces, and other recipes.
  • CLEAN MUSCLE GAINS: To maintain a clean diet, use Less Naked Pea in pre and post workout shakes, smoothies and recipes for maximum recovery.

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Always Naked

Less Naked Pea is a vegan protein made exclusively from raw yellow peas grown in the USA and Canada. Gluten free, dairy free, and soy free; Less Naked Pea’s superior amino acid profile is the result of processing via mechanical water-extraction without the use of chemicals. Less Naked Vanilla Pea adds natural vanilla and organic coconut sugar, giving you more versatility in shakes and recipes. Naked Nutrition is committed to shortening the steps between our farms and you.

Don’t let labels and big agribusiness fool you; additives are for their bottom line, not your health.

The Naked Difference:

Exclusively From Farms in the United States and Canada
Vegan and Vegetarian
No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Colors
25 Grams of Protein and 5.6 Grams of BCAA’s Per Serving*
Only Three Ingredients: Yellow Pea Protein, Vanilla and Organic Coconut Sugar
GMO Free
Soy Free and Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Environmentally-friendly farming practices

*Branched Chain Amino Acids. All nutritional values are verified by independent third-party testing.

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