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Brand: Naturevibe Botanicals


  • Spearmint, (Mentha spicata), aromatic herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae), widely used for culinary purposes. Spearmint is native to Europe and Asia and has been naturalized in North America and parts of Africa.
  • Spearmint is a delicious, minty herb that may have beneficial effects on your health. It’s high in antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds that may help with many health issues.
  • Spearmint has a delicate flavor and fragrance that is often described as sweet.
  • Spearmint has a wide range of applications, including its culinary uses to flavor cocktails, sauces, dips, entire dishes, or even as a garnish, in addition to hygiene products, toothpaste, mouthwashes, soaps, and body scrubs.
  • Good for Digestive Upsets. Spearmint is commonly used to help relieve symptoms of indigestion.

Package Dimensions: 41x343x227

Details: Organic Spearmint Tea Leaves (100 Bags) Spearmint tea is very closely related to peppermint. It is an active ingredient and has various health benefits. Spearmint tea isn’t a magical weight loss beverage, but it can serve as an aid in a healthy diet, balanced lifestyle and achieving ideal weight. It’s rich in manganese, vitamin C, potassium and Iron. Pour the boiling water into the bowl and let it boil for sometime. Turn off flame and let steep the tea bags for 5-6 minutes then remove the tea bag. You can add sugar and honey to make it more tasty.