Naturevibe Botanicals Pure Chicory Capsules, 100% Organic Chicory Root Powder | 1000mg Per Serving | 180 Veg Capsules | Natural and Gluten Free

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Brand: Naturevibe Botanicals


  • Chicory is a plant in the dandelion family that usually has bright blue flowers. The root of the chicory plant is commonly ground to be used as a coffee substitute or additive, or it is filtered into chicory root extract. The leaves and seeds are also used in culinary dishes.
  • Chicory plant have been shown to have positive health benefits due to soluble dietary fiber contained in the plant. Chicory root is a good source of fiber, which may help improve several aspects of your digestive health.
  • Chicory root is also commonly used in the preparation of a bitter coffee substitute in France and Japan. Chicory root coffee is becoming more popular in certain areas of the US.
  • It looks, and to some degree tastes, like coffee, but it is naturally caffeine-free. In fact, ground chicory root is added to certain types of beer to add flavor.
  • Chicory coffee is made of minced and roasted chicory root, which contains inulin fiber, manganese and vitamin B6.

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►Chicory is a plant. Its roots and dried, above-ground parts are used to make medicine.In foods, chicory leaves are often eaten like celery, and the roots and leaf buds are boiled and eaten.

► Chicory is also used as a cooking spice and to flavor foods and beverages. Coffee mixes often include ground chicory to enhance the richness of the coffee.

►To reduce sugar in-take but get the benefits of the prebiotic from the chicory root (i.e., inulin), it may be best to add chicory root extract to your ketogenic diet rather than raw chicory root.

► Chicory root extract should not be included in your daily carbohydrate allotment and therefore, should be considered guilt-free on a ketogenic diet.

►Chicory root can not only increase daily fiber intake to boost regularity but because these foods may also have a lower calorie and fat content than comparable foods without inulin, they may also help decrease overall calorie intake.