KOS Organic Lions Mane Powder – Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder – Natural Nootropic, Supports Memory & Focus, Immunity Booster

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Brand: KOS


  • King of the Jungle: Hericium erinaceus, better known as Lion’s Mane (a glance at it in the wild will explain why), are dried mushrooms that grow on hardwood trees, and have shown positive effects for brain support, tinnitus relief and immune support.
  • Powerful Nootropic: Chaga mushroom, reishi mushroom, and cordyceps are popular in the nootropics depot, but let’s not overlook lions mane mushroom powder. This brain booster may improve memory, focus, clarity and overall cognitive performance.
  • Brain Boost: Up the focus factor with this brain supplement. Lions mane supplements may stimulate the brain’s production of nerve growth factors (NGFs), which are essential for brain and nerve health as well as improved mood.
  • Immune System Booster: In addition to being a memory supplement for brain cells, lion mane has cracked the overall wellness formula. It’s known to be an immune booster, an anti-inflammatory, and a supporter of anxiety relief and stress relief.
  • Premium Quality: Our organic lion’s mane powder is processed in a GMP & NSF certified facility. Each batch is also lab tested by a Verified Third Party to ensure purity, potency and quality.

Package Dimensions: 112x135x458

Details: KOS LIONS MANE POWDER The Lion’s Mane Mushroom won’t give you a radiant head of hair, but it will excite the electrified jelly that resides under your hair and calls all the shots—your brain. Hericium erinaceus stimulates production of NGF, a neuronal protein that grows and repairs nervous tissue. Hello, focus and memory. Take that, neurodegenerative disease. Icing for your cake? Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and truly freaky-looking in the wild. PURE INGREDIENTS, POWERED BY NATURE At KOS we’re dedicated to your journey, your daily energy, and the healing powers of simplicity. SUGGESTED USE Add one serving (1 scoop) to your favorite dish or drink for a nutritious boost.

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