Terrasoul Superfoods Tocotrienols

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Brand: Terrasoul Superfoods


  • Terrasoul Superfoods Tocos (Tocotrienols, Rice Bran Solubles), 12 Ounces (340g)
  • Our tocotrienols powder is grown and processed in the USA and each batch is lab tested for purity.
  • Tocos is an excellent addition to smoothies, lattes, and any creamy beverages.
  • Terrasoul Superfoods sources the freshest and highest quality superfoods from all over the planet. Our mission is to make these amazing, healthy foods available to you at the lowest prices possible while paying our growers and employees fair wages.
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind our products and offer a 30-day money back guarantee, backed by an outstanding customer service team.

Package Dimensions: 99x168x363

Details: Our rice bran solubles tocotrienols powder is made from organically grown rice harvested from U.S. based farms transitioning to organic. Our Tocos Powder is separated from its insoluble fiber without using heat or chemicals and it is a potent and tasty form of vitamin E. Add 1-2 tablespoons to water, juice, nut milk or a smoothie. Tocos is an incredible superfood and creamy addition to any healthy recipe.

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